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Hi Alan,

I don't assert Barracuda is better. What I mean is: It's not bad solution for this particular case. As I said, Barracuda is far from perfect, but isn't any MS solution farther? Anyway, as you asked, here are some differences between Barracuda and MS ISA:

1. Simplicity vs. complexity. What is simpler is more reliable ergo: better.
2. Linux based hardware-built-in security vs. Windows based superstructured security. IMO these two concepts are out of comparision.
3. Price.

IMO the classification "better" or "worse" product depends on the particular situation, budget etc. (even one could do more that the other). So, lets leave the queston-author (who knows the situation better than me and you) decides what is better for him. We are supposed to help by suggesting more ideas, not to defend particular products, aren't we?