A good open source tool for tracking internet usage?

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A good open source tool for tracking internet usage?

I am a Network Administrator working for a small company, I am involved in a project where the company wants to implement a tool that would track the "INTERNET USAGE" for all the employees in the company. Is there a good "OPEN SOURCE" product as the company does not want to pay or invest in an expensive tool @ the moment.

What are your thoughts on "WEBSENSE"?
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Websense isn't open source and you'll have to pay for it. Look up Squid and SquidGuard. You can also check out other ones by doing a google search for open source web filters and proxies. But I've used Squid and SquidGuard with much success. The only thing is, it'll take a bit of configuring on your part.

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However, if you are on a budget, I suggest squid as a proxy and if you just need internet monitoring check out


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Websense is a GREAT product, however it is very expensive. Where i used to work they had Websense, it was very good for monitoring and filtering.
I would suggest looking here:
You can install this on an old P3 with 256 mb ram and two network cards. Other than that its 100% free.
It will monitor usage, and filter sites as well.

Good luck!


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Try censornet. It's no where near as expensive as Websense and has some top end features like SSL filtering and real-time detection.

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Do you have the qustions like:

Which employees are spending the most time
surfing web sites?
Who is spending time on shopping sites,
sports sites or adult sites?
Which employees chat or use anonymous email
services like Hotmail, Yahoo mail and Gmail?
Who is sending the most emails with
Which employees may be leaking company
confidential information via removable media
like flash drives, CDs and DVDs?
Which employees are printing sensitive
Who is arriving to work late and leaving
early? Who takes long lunch breaks?
What are my employees searching for on
Google, Yahoo and MSN?
Employee Activity Monitor is the best
solution for your business!

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Paul J.P.

We used many monitoring software tools, e.g. work examiner to track internet usage

but why do you need an open source tool? wanna get it free?

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This screen monitoring software is especially design for improving employee productivity. It also has different monitoring features that monitor which website, documents, and application is actively being use and for how long does a person spend time on that particular website. It also has screen monitoring that takes a fairly accurate picture of what a person do during working hours. This link discusses other information about this software and also good ways to track employee effectively.