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Accepting Credit Card Payments as an onsite consultant

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OH Smeg

Generally speaking accepting any form of Credit Card Payments is expensive as you get charged a % on every transaction and then for the required equipment which is a up front fee and then an ongoing service fee.

Great if you are a business with a High Turnover in sales paid this way but not very good for the odd payment.

Also if you get any sales through Reported Stolen/Freaked/Copied Credit Cards you get to wear the cost of that sale and you still pay the Bank the % of the sale so it can get very expensive. You can get these several months after the payment has been made so you never fully know how much money is in the account. Personally I get concerned when asked do I accept Credit Cards but I've been burnt too many times previously and prefer accepting Checks to Credit Card Payments that I'm libel for.

You may be better off establishing the ability to pay On Line and then allow your customers to make Direct Payment into a Special Bank Account setup for just receiving payments that is not connected to any other account that is breakable through any On Line access.