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Accepting Credit Card Payments as an onsite consultant

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Having had two small business in the last 8 years, I concur with Col's statements completely.

Your bank will charge a substantial (somewherer between $250 and $500) initial set up fee for the credit card solution. Then you'll usually have a monthly fee - somewhere around $50 but there is some movcement in this across different banks. Usually there is a minimum contract period with this - if you pull out early there will be substantial expenses.

Then there is the percentages for the actual credit card usage. In Australia it is becoming more prevalent that these fees are charged in full to the client, particularly for business-to-business transactions.

Whereas if you set up a direct deposit facility, simply by putting your bank details on your invoice, the client puts the money in your account. It doesn't cost you or your client any more than your normal monthly bank account fee.

It usually also means that you get the money quicker (assuming the client hasn't told you a white lie about actually depositing it!).