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ACER Netbook too slow

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OH Smeg

It's a Net Book not a NoteBook and as such has very limited resources which you actually list

Processor Intel ATOM Processor N435 (1.33GHz, 667MHz, 512KB)
System Memory 1GB DDR3 System Memory at 1066MHz (1GB x 1)
Graphic Processor Intel GMA3150 (Int. Graphic)
HDD 320GB S-ATA Hard Drive (5,400RPM)

While this system will run Windows 7 it will just run it and it's going to be extremely slow with no Multi Tasking capability so it can only do one thing at a time so you can not have more than 1 program open at a time. Even the RAM is on the absolute Minimum for Windows 7 and the CPU is below the Minimum Specified for Windows 7 so you are up against it from the beginning.

I would suggest reloading it with the OS it was supplied with and using it that way as it will work much better than with Windows. Even the Surface RT which has just hit the market will do very limited things with no ability to Multi Task and so on and that version of the Windows 8 OS is specifically designed for these low powered Processors, which can not run the Full version of 8. Windows 7 on the other hand doesn