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Adding Terminal Service server

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When you set up terminal server you will need to redirect the remote desktop connection on each computer to connect to that computer name or IP address.

Printing, as you know you need to allow local resources such as the printer to connect to the terminal server, you also need to install the drivers for any printers that you plan on using.

The way I do this is installing a fake printer with any IP address and then installing each printer driver I might use. You also need to check if the printers work with windows 2003 server.

Before installing any software you must install the terminal server and the license server, the you HAVE to use add/remove programs to install your applications on top. (this is just a extra step you may just run setup.exe.)

1) install base system with plenty of space for application and user profiles
2) Install terminal services and terminal services licencing from add/remove components.
3) Install any programs through add/remove
4) Install printers drivers
5) Lock down the system using group policy when everything is working