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Adding Terminal Service server

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Thanks for your help. I have most of that concept. What I am hoping to find out and what is never explained is the physical stuff. Installing the apps using the Add/Remove is fine although you also say just using setup.exe is OK too, is that true? At this stage I am only installing Office 2007. Only about 10 users profiles for now although no more than 5 log in at any given time. There will be a 3rd party app that will only need a shorcut with specific .ini files in each user, the app stays on the main server.

What I want to know is, does the TS server simply go on the LAN? Or does the Interent NIC have to move to the TS server or can it stay where it is on the main server? Not even MS have covered such basics as this.

When some one logs in by TS (they are all remote not local - no thin clients) they log in to the main server over the Internet using RDP. The main server is the License server for TS. I assume the main server redirects the connections to the TS server. Users log in using the fixed IP of the company obviously. If the Internet NIC must be on the TS server how do local users on the main server get to the internet and how does Exchange (on the main server too) get affected by all this?

I'm setting this up tomorow Saturday so any info before then will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.