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Thanks again. Yes all the TS users are/will be offsite, not local. Current setup is the main server has been set as RRA and 2 users can login for remote use. This server has 2 NICs, 1 for the local LAN and LAN switches, 1 for Internet via an ADSL modem - fixed IP to the Internet.

The new setup will be a TS Server and the Main server which is also the License Server for TS. The TS server will have Office and access to the Main server 3rd party app. I wanted to know should the Internet connection remain on the Main server as is? So I am guessing that RDP requests from remote users will come in through the Main server and be redirected to the TS server, is that so? There is no clear info about any of this physical connections between servers and Internet and why/how.

Also there are references to setting up users on the WS2003 TS server but since it is not DNS and DHCP no AD is setup and no obvious user setup process is there. The remote users are some of the same users on the Main server. What can be done about this? How can users be setup on the TS server? I need specific info for this setup.

Much appreciated.