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Analyzing this Event Viewer Error

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Exception code: 0xc0000005 is an access violation. This happens any time a program tries to access memory (RAM) that it doesn't have access to. For example, it will happen if a program tries to write to memory that is marked as read only, or tries to read memory that the system owns like location 0x00000000. The latter is a really common mistake, that happens when code tries to look up the address of something, and gets null/0 returned but the program doesn't check for an error code before continuing.

Anyway, causes for this are:
* Bad code
* A faulty driver (well, this is also bad code)
* Faulty RAM
* Something external getting in the way, like an antivirus scanner

In my experience bad code is easily the most common problem, so I would check to see if Sony have an update to the software. The fault offset is (I think) the offset from the base of the DLL to the code that caused the crash to happen. Is that number the same on every crash? If so that would be a strong indicator that Sony's code is at fault. If not, disable your antivirus' realtime scanner for a while to see if that makes the problem stop, and download and run Memtest 86+ overnight to make sure your physical RAM is ok.