Another Problem with windows media player (kinda)

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Another Problem with windows media player (kinda)

So, after my bday, my dad lets me order a new computer (which has the Windows 7 Professional OS installed on it), and after getting it and settin it up to my specifications, it worked immensely better than my old one, but then again, what would a computer be if it didn't act up now and then (something EVERYONE would love most likely); after a few days from setting it up, and reinstalling the codec pack I had on my old comp to my new one, I seem to be having a strange glitch. When I right click a video file (lets say a file called nope.avi [yes, made a tf2 joke, problem?]) and I hover over the open with option to see what programs on that list that I could open it with, I see Windows Media Player showing up twice

I tested these 2 choices with different video files and saw that nothing bad happened, and even clicked on the choose default program button in the open with submenu, and just so, there it was, showing up twice. Normally since it hasn't screwed anything up, I would leave it, but my OCD tendencies would not let it go until I got rid of it, mind helping me with this please?

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