Anybody know good screen capture software?

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Anybody know good screen capture software?

Hey guys,

I was trying to capture my gameplay of some games (Trackmania Forever, WoW) and I noticed that a lot of games had reduced framerate while recording and the recorded movie turned out to be really unviewable, low quality and low framerate. Does anybody know good gaming capture software? Or ,maybe even better, does anybody know some decoder options I have to try out?

This is what it's set to now:
Used program: Debut
Video encoder: MPEG-4
Sound encoder: MPEG-3
Average video bitrate: 4096 kbps
Average sound bitrate:128 kbps

Here are my computer's specs:
CPU: P6100
GPU: GeForce GT420M
RAM: 8GB DDR3 1333 MHz
HDD: 750GB @ 5400 RPM
OS: Win7 Home Premium x64

Note: I don't really need to have sound, but I've already tried without sound. It's a bit better but the difference is almost not noticable.