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Anyone used this inkjet print-head unclogger

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OldER Mycroft

That for the price of this supposed repair method, you'd be as well to try it without bothering to find out what anyone else thinks.
If it works - it works. If it doesn't, you've not been stung too hard.

However, as for the price to get EACH fixed in New Zealand [NZ$245] you've got to be looking at a new print head plus getting ripped off by whichever company is doing the job.

Given the present exchange rate for GBP to NZ$, and assuming that Canon replacement parts are equally priced worldwide, you should be able to BUY the QY6-0049-000 replacement printheads for NZ$111 each.

If you had sufficient stocks of bananas, you could train a monkey to change the print heads. :)

But if this wondrous liquid does the business, what have you really got to lose?

Having said that - NZ$111 will buy you a brand new Canon printer, which won't be a brand new print head attached to a 4-year old printer (where something else is likely to break down next). In fact, with today's prices you could replace both printers with brand new ones for the price of one replacement print head!

Edit for afterthought.

Your choice.