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Apple Ipod and Windows Vista

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I have come to the conclusion that the issue is a Vista issue more than a Apple issue. But, a new version of Itunes may help. I'm finding that Vista is having issues with several USB devices. Including my 4gig Cruzer Mini flash drive. It also continues to list a phantom floppy drive despite the fact there is no floppy drive attached to the system. I do have a usb floppy drive, but it is not connected. If I try to remove this device and it's assoiated floppy controller, Vista just re-adds it, over and over. I did get a bit closer last night after attempting to uninstall all USB hubs in device manager. I was (for the first time) able to get to the "choose driver software to install" listing of devices. However, for Apple Vista only listed a couple of things. Some device I have no idea what it could be and an Apple Air Port. But, still had no luck in getting it to install the USB driver necessary (apparently) to actually get Explorere to assign it a drive letter. I believe I am going to have to open an incideent with MS to get to the bottom of this isssue. My XP Pro box sees it just fine.