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Apple Ipod and Windows Vista

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As they will blame Apple for the Problem and Apple will blame M$ for the problem. The Bottom Line is that Vista breaks quite a lot of perfectly good items and software and there is currently no workaround for this.

Maybe when the first Service Pack for Vista becomes available either late this year or early next year things will improve Maybe but I wouldn't be holding my breath. You have to remember that Apple was the first to introduce USB Ports and the PC industry stole them to make the difference between Apple and the PC less obvious but back then M$ didn't support USB Devices or Ports that came on M'Boards. At the time there where no USB Devices available just the ports in the PC's. The same thing has now happened with Fire Wire and eventually there will be a lot more Fire Wire Devices available for PC's than there currently are but the moment that M$ starts to write drivers for these things all the previous standards get shot to **** as M$ wants to own them entirely and claim that they developed support for these devices.

Anyway what will happen here is that M$ will claim that Apple is not supporting the standard and Apple will claim the same thing and Apple will be correct but while that may be of some comfort to you it still will not make your I Pod work with Vista. Currently I'm not selling anything Vista but as I mainly work Business Systems this is not unusual and I don't plan on even beginning to seriously look at Vista till 18 months at the earliest from now and even then that depends on if Business will accept all the restrictions that come with Vista.

Somehow I don't think that there will be too many business who are willing to have M$ tell them what software that they can use on their PC's which is M$ goal at the 4 year period of Vista if they can stick to their own time tables.