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Apple Ipod and Windows Vista

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And that was the new one that I told you about that I was notified about last week from Apple. That may cure the problem.

As For Zune it doesn't work with Vista either and I think that you are now getting the idea of being the Guenia Pig Paying Beta Tester. I did that with XP and ended up with heaps of problems so I'll never consider doing it again and am not even considering supporting Vista till at least another 18 months have passed and even then it's a Big Maybe.

I didn't like being reported to M$ for selling Pirate Volume License OS's to a 2,500 Site License on 3 separate occasions particularly when I didn't supply anything but technical expertise as the Government Department brought & Configured the LAN to the M$ Sales Person recommendations.

But as I now offer Open Office when M$ legal ring me up attempting to get me to sell Pirate Software I think that they have finally got the message. Even though the head of the Legal Department knows exactly what happened my company still gets hit with the odd request for a computer for less or about the OEM Price of the M$ Software. As I don't work Domestic usually they are easily caught and I just offer Open Office now instead of attempting to sell them some basic version of Office. I will not even consider selling the Academic Version of Office without proof that it's going to a student or teacher it's just not on my sales list. But this is a perfect example that M$ legal knows that I've done the right thing but still refuses to accept this and tries to catch me out at every opportunity. Happens about every 6 months now and honestly I'm tired of it.

But that's M$ for you everyone is stealing from them at every chance so they have to catch the bad guys provided that they are not told who they are as they ignore these reports and let them go on regardless or till they go broke whichever comes first.