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Apple Ipod and Windows Vista

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I am a gamer. And that has been the main focus of my home computing systems. My old "geek box" is a XP Pro SP2 box and most everything works pretty well on it (although I do have some USB issues there as well, but probably caused by the several Belkin mini hubs I have hooked up and the plethora of drives connected to them). The newer geek box is a dual core, 4gig RAM, dual ATI X1950 Radeons in crossfire mode and water cooled. With Vista ultimate. I am not really that concerned about apps, Ipod, etc not working on it (well..not quite true. I am but not overly so). It does play Halo2 and all the other games I have loaded on it quite well. And that really is it's primary purpose. So, I will try downloading that new version of Itunes (strange that Itunes hasn't "asked" me if I want the newer version as of yet). Believe me...I will get it working eventually. I have checked some fourms on this issue and others claim to have made their Ipods work on Vista. So, I will get it eventually. And along the way....I'll learn some valuable Vista troubleshooting skills. The company I work for is planning for a Vista migration towards the end of the year......YIKES! I am a Lotus Notes admin and I know that version 8 of Domino/Notes is supposed to be compatible w/Vista.....we'll see about that.