Apply server GP to local users

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Apply server GP to local users


I have a DC (Win Server 2008) with some domain users who logged in on the server from local PCs. Also I have another 400 PCs (WinXP) that shouldn't be using domain authentification (users should not be logged in to server) - they should use local accounts.

Each of this PCs with local accounts are joined to domain.

I'm trying apply group policy from the DC to make some changes for users who logged in locally, but I don't know how to assign dedicated server GPO to a local user (or whole PC at least). Moreover, I don't know wether it can be done at all or not.

Any help is appreciated.
p.s. I was searching solution for 3 last days :-(
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have you create your policy regarding to the domain????

well try this type this in run "gpedit.msc"

so you can cheack if all user are connected or not...