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1- save a text report from your DBF file
exmp DBIII+( Report from emp_rep.rpt to file emp_rep.txt.
2- from Windows 3.11 open the convert from Accs. use the platform nafitha v4.
3. open your TEXT file the one you saved as emp_rep.txt (at this stage you should be able to read the file in Arabic.
4. from the menu of the convert chose file->save as (the save the file in a new name such as emp_rep.doc) this will save the file in Arabic but with windows coding.
5. from the Excel menu on windows XP open file->open and the type the name of the file emp_rep.doc.
6. The excel now will ask you the code you want to open the file with chose Arabic for windows and then go through the steps.
Note: I've done this many times if you want send me the DBF file in nafitha and I'll return it back to you in Excel.