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As an IT person, what do you wish your execs knew about IT?

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It isn't going to change anything.

We're not going to change people's perceptions. There will always be people who resent the IT expense. I said in a post earlier this week, this is just an extension of human nature as people will buy what they want, not what they need. People don't want to pay for these things. There's some sort of feeling of entitlement. Maybe it's all the free content on the Internet, and the fact that the answer to ANY problem you have can be ultimately found online. Of course, it does bode the question of if it's so easy, why don't they do it themselves. I don't know, but there's some sort of cultural, psychological thing going on that devalues the work IT people do.

I think part of that is the "a high school kid can do it" perception. And no doubt, there are a lot of geeky kids out there with skills. And many guys in the server room are perhaps a bit too happy to be completely oblivious to the needs of the business, which doesn't mitigate the hostility.

Another issue is the perception that their computing environment should be as predictable as electricity and water. Of course, software is infinitely more complex, and the only way to insure that level of predictability is to cripple their experience. However, I have noticed that perception.

What do I wish they knew? I don't really care what they know. But since they don't know, it would be a good idea to trust me to take care of it. If they don't, they need to find someone else.