Asa Firewall with Win2k3 Radius

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Asa Firewall with Win2k3 Radius

First of all to split everything up, what is needed for Radius authentication?

I got AD,DNS and DNS on noe server, I made accounts etc and installed IAS. I followed a guide to configure Radius:

However I notced that this was an advertsment for their own comapny and they don't hand out demo versions anymore.

Instead installed Group Policy Management Console (GPMC). Microsoft own version it semed. However I need some highlists about it.

In ordinary labs you just see a command like "radius server etc etc", a few commands connecting to ciscos call manager version.

I'm I completely in wrong area or is it in the right direction?

control acccess through remote policy <--that is greyed out as well when you're editing a user.