Audio Device Help

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Audio Device Help

Dear all,
I use Win XP SP2. One day audio devices are gone and I don't know what caused it. The audio drivers were provided (automatically installed) by XP. I restore system to the point where it was ok. Still Windows can't play audio. But the speaker (which is connected to soundcard output) can beep for windows error message.

I try Windows help for troubleshooting, it doesn't help. Then I try Windows Media player help untill I got "Additional information is not currently available for this error." from Microsoft site.

I delete Audio codecs from device manager, let windows reinstall it. It doesn't solve the problem.

Sound & audio devices properties :
- volume tab : No audio device
- audio tab : No playback, recording and MIDI playback devices (combobox are disabled for configuring)
- voice tab : No playback and recording devices
- hardware tab : several devices, including Realtek AC'97 Audio

Then I run Winamp and configure its Preferences. In Plug-ins tree, output, I configure Directsound Output. Under Device tab I change Primary sound driver to Realtek AC97 Audio. Now Winamp can play audio files, but it can't play audio from video files.

I hope someone give me the solution. Thank you before for your time.