back up PST Outlook 2003 failure

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back up PST Outlook 2003 failure

I run a progran namens Osirius that allows a complete back up of Outlook 2003 so emails contacts calendar

However I keep receiving error report that it was only able to backup 217474747 0f the 2073733773 bits So i i know this is not a complete back up but do not knopw what has not been backupped.

I do not knbow whethetr it has somnething to do with it but fragneation also showed an error on the PST file.

Windows own back up possibility for Outlook 2003 usally gives a cyclic redundanty error

If it does not so how can i check that a complete back up was made (files size wise)
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Check the location of the pst file(s), Properties of the mailbox, Advanced, location.

Close Outlook and copy the file found above manually to a save place.

Now you can "play" around with other stuff.