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Bad sector removal

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All drives have bad sectors. There's no such thing as a perfect platter.

However all drives also have spare sectors which can be mapped to replace the bad sectors. And every modern OS has the ability to update the bad sector map. In Windows, the CHKDSK /R command will do this. If the check is to be performed on the system partition, that partition will be flagged to perform the check on the next boot. (CAVEAT- if the partition is full, the remapping won't work)

You should also confirm the health of the drive. Enable S.M.A.R.T. in the system BIOS and run a utility to confirm the health of the drive. Or do as Col suggested and run the diagnostic utility available from the manufacturer of your particular drive.

There's a finite limit on the number of spare sectors and if the drive is approaching that limit, it's time to replace the drive.