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Barracuda vs Symantec Anti-Spam filter

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I will admit, I have never used the Symantec product. But I have used various Barracuda models for several employers. From the 30 minutes or less from box to working, to ease of configuration to GREAT customer support, I can not imagine going with any other product. Currently, I work in a health care related field. There are some key words (viagra) that I cannot block. Barracuda has done a great job at blocking what needs to be blocked and allowing what needs to be in in.

About a year ago, we were having an email issue. One of the things we were looking at was if the Barracuda unit was the cause. (it was the ISP. Thank you ATT) Barracuda customer support was answered by a human. I was transferred to one person who worked on my issue until completion. Along the way he said, "You have a very old unit. I think it qualifies for a free upgrade." It did. A new free unit arrived in 48 hours.