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Best setup for system drive?

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Using any RAID configuration for redundancy (RAID 1=mirroring, RAID5, etc) will cause a decrease in performance but it is negligible compared to the peace of mind they offer.

The only RAID setup that would increase speed is RAID 0 = stripeset, but if one of the drives fails your data is gone. I speak from recent experience. It was a gaming machine, so no harm done.

If your motherboard / BIOS / RAID card allows it, it might be possible to do a 1+0 RAID, where 2 mirrors are in a stripeset. The downside is ... this requires 4 identical disks to set up.

The recommendation to use a RAID 5 for your data is spot on, and for a machine that is deemed "critical", a mirrored system partition just makes sense, despite a slowdown in read/writes.