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blacK Screen of Death (KSOD) for Windows Server 2008

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I've seen a version of this and the Session Manager was acting up as well. The way I got into the system was by pressing the shift key rapidly (more than 5 times) so that the "Sticky Keys" prompt appears. From there you can click on the "ease of access" center link. Explorer.exe didn't load properly after the Session Manager crapped out so I would, after having the ease of access center link loaded, go to the address bar of the Windows Explorer window and type c:\Windows\explorer.exe to launch Explorer. That would get me in but never resolved the KSOD. This has happened to me twice. Once I was able to disable all IPV6 and "large send offload ipv6" on the NIC. The second time I had to track down some windows updates that made changes to IPV6 but were done out of order. I had installed some HotFixes AFTER a service pack and the service pack reset the IPV6 Binary release to an earlier version. I had to uninstall the hot fixes and then download the newer released hotfix that had the proper Binary installed.

I've also had this issue on a few Windows 7 machines but that was caused by folder redirection in Active Directory being done with a logon script instead of through group policy.

None of these may be the issue you ran into but hopefully you get something from these ideas.