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blacK Screen of Death (KSOD) for Windows Server 2008

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Thanks for the reply. Hmm.. I'd never actually properly installed anything to allow Remote Desktop Connections to work with our Windows 2008 Server, but figured it can't hurt to try.

When I click on Connect, it does take me to the server window--& unlike being seated at the terminal itself, I can now see the icons for logging on as "Administrator" or "Other User"! However, when I click on either of them, I get the small hourglass symbol as it processes something for a couple of seconds, and then I am kicked out and the Remote Desktop session closes.

I noticed while connecting via RDP that the screen briefly flashes a message for a split second, but it goes by too quickly to be able to read.
I'm now thinking that this maybe isn't a video card driver issue, but some service or something else in the startup process isn't loading properly.

Any other suggestions?