Blue screen of death :S

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Blue screen of death :S

JK LetJo
Hey i'm brand new here i suppose because it is the first time i see a blue screen .
I was playing LoL when suddenly my pc crashed and showed me a error message with the error code 0x490
i went to microsoft support and i saw that some off my disk space wasn't readable
when i opened my pc the next day there wasn't any problem . i loged to windows and
a shutdown report came and told that a file from the %temp% was problematic , and another file from Windows/Minidump (the extension of the file was .dmp.xml and it had numbers as a name)
my Pc runs Windows 7 home prem x64
has 3Gb DDR2 Ram
512 mb Nvidia graphics
Dual core CPU 1.66 GHz
Well i take good care of my pc , defragments diagnostics every week antivirus checks etc etc...
And like one week later i tried to log and another blue screen of death appeared , but this time it was stale (i mean it did't rebooted like the previous one) and gave me a huge error code :

0x0000007E (0xFFFFFFFFc0000005 , 0xFFFFF8000C1FF617 , 0xFFFFF880009A88A8 , 0xFFFFF880009A8100)

above that it was telling something for BIOS selection about ram and hardware changes & drivers

so i reseted my pc and took away my graphics card and seted BIOS to default by removing the battery .

i open my pc with the on-board graphics card but it didn't respond , then i closed it again and put my graphics card back and reopened it ....
then nothing happened just like before (i checked the cables and all but all was okay) did i actually made my pc burst ?

what should i do for the huge error if i make my pc run again ?

P.S. sorry about the mistakes but i got english as second language and i am not the best at it

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