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OK, LONG wait for the reply... BUT, it seemed to be booting perfectly, and CONTINUES to do so... but freezes VERY consistently a few seconds after boot. Sometimes on the login screen, sometimes while logging in and loading startup programs, STILL sometimes on windows startup... After it appeared to be booting properly, I scanned for malware/spyware and ran virus checks several times each, ran the sfc scan, as explained here, then used my pc normally for a day just to test it out until this constant freezing problem started occurring. I DO believe that it is the HDD failing, since as I was checking the connections, I kept hearing a slight high pitched (low, but audible) noise. I lightly tapped the HDD and it clinked once followed by several loud clicking noises... I am highly positive that is not normal... at least without major throttling/positioning of the HDD, am I correct? EVEN after spotting several bad clusters and fixing them via the sfc, with long loading times and the freezing/noises, I will try a new HDD soon as possible. I don't currently have one, so I will purchase one and post back with the results. I'll still keep checking back here to see any further suggestions. Thank you everyone for helping me troubleshoot.