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Thanks for the reply. But I can't seem to find the "last good configuration" option. I press F8 during boot, and that makes my motherboard bring up the boot options menu, so I can select which drive to boot, then it directly boots that drive, or I can select setup, which takes me directly to the bios so I can change system settings (sabertooth uefi bios). So it SEEMS like I can only directly boot, sometimes I recieve a "windows did not restart properly, would you like to 'system check' or 'start normally' " but the system check sists at a black screen, and start normally brings about the freezing. ALSO, my dvd drive seems to be working, booted the system dvd, did a startup check, but it encountered "NO ERRORS" so I tried a system restore on 3 points so far, but it keeps encountering an "Unexpected Error" (ox800700b7) and says no system files were changed.