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Well it's good news that it boots again. The next thing I would do is open a command prompt as an administrator (Find it in the Start Menu under All Programs - Accessories. Right-click it and choose Run as Administrator). This will open a black windows. Type into it "sfc /scannow" (without the quotes). This will run the system file checker, which checks the integrity of most of the Windows system files and replaces any modified ones with legit versions if it finds a problem.

As for the long delay while loading Safe Mode, unfortunately this screen doesn't print out the name of the file it is loading until *after* it has loaded it. So when it sits there for a long time on aswrvrt, it actually means that the files that gets loaded after aswrvrt is the one that's taking so long to load. Aswrvrt is a file from your antivirus, so it's possible the next file to load could also be from your antivirus system. As a test you could uninstall and reinstall Avast to see if that helps. If not we might have to get a bit more serious. You can also try a repair install of Windows. Let us know which version of Windows you are running if you'd like to do this. Another option is to use a tool to monitor and log what's happening during a boot of Windows then read that log file to figure out where the delay was. These steps are getting a bit advanced though - try the easier steps above and report back if they don't fix it.