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bootmgr missing windows 7?

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OH Smeg

All versions of 7 are on the 1 Disc it all depends on the Product Key that is entered as to what is activated for use.

Well that's true to the extend that all 32 Bit Versions are on the 1 DVD and all 64 Bit Versions are on a different DVD.

So provided that you have the right DVD type 32 or 64 Bit you should be able to use that to rebuild the system.

As to the Recovery Partition this is Hidden from Windows to prevent alterations you need to open it with something else to view it so in light of the Proprieties you have given I would say that it's Intact and usable.

HP also have the ability to make a Install Disc you'll have to read the Destruction Manual for that but it's a 1 use only thing and if it's been used already you'll have to contact HP for a Recovery Set.