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Buying a gaming pc help!

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and a mainboard that supports gobs of memory [some will support up to 16 GB] Get a Direct X 10 capable graphics card with as much onboard memory as you can afford [think 512MB]. Get the 320 to 380 bit memory interface [think $600 USD for just the graphics card].

Most mainboards have 3 or more SATA interfaces. don't settle for just 1 SATA drive. Find a mainboard that supports RAID 5 with SATA and get more than 2 drives. Newer games that will be coming out will take up far more HDD space than todays games.

Don't skimp on your display. Many DirectX 10 graphics cards support HDTV as well as DVI. A 19" LCD display today is just standard fare. 32" displays or even Quad displays are better than just a skimpy 19" LCD. [see zenview powertrio display].