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Buying a gaming pc help!

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isn't it amazing what some people suggest when they are spending someone else's money??
i still suggest local where you can offer some input but here are more ideas:
(1) pick a case that you like to look at. one with good air flow. a fan in the top is a bonus.
(2) an AMD or Intel dual core processor. yes, the intel's benchmark higher but they are both a high quality product.
(3) a proper motherboard for either processor. look for 4 ram slots and the ability to handle DDR2-800. HD audio is nice for on-board. sli/crossfire needs to be decided on at this point. if there is a 0% chance then don't worry about it or find a board that the second slot only runs at x8. who cares if you are not going to use it. plus get SATA2 if you can. i have been building with a lot of MSI boards lately. no real reason.
(4)2Gb of ram to start with. if needed add more. that's where the 4 slots come in handy.
(5) a 250Gb to 400Gb SATA2 hard drive with 16Mb cache.
(6)an Nvidia 7600GT or an ATI 1950 series video card. 256Mb of memory is fine as long as you get a card with the higher clock speeds. look for lifetime or double life time warranties.
(7) a "QUALITY" power supply in the 600Watt range. thermaltake, antec, coolermaster. any well recognized supplier. are there better?? YES!! if you decide on dual video cards then stick to the higher end of the scale 600-750watt, single card 520-650 watts. if it's a 600watt unit and it's only $39, pass on it!(8) when it comes to sound cards a true card is always better but if you are using a $9 set of 2.0 speakers, on-board is fine. decent 2.1 speakers then on-board HD or 6 channel. 5.1 speakers, then a card is the solution. creative is the largest supplier but i use diamond or turtle beach because of some quirks in creative drivers.
(9) i'm still fond of XP. extra so if you are planning to use any older printers, scanners or play older games.

is this a "real" gaming rig?? the answer is no! if you want a solid system that will play games then this will work and work well. anyone can build it and anyone can service it and best of all it doesn't break the bank. when the time comes just add two more Gigs of RAM, a new technology video card and game away!