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Bypass the proxy Server

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Typically there is a reason for rules and laws.

For example, your network administrator may have a family, so working 12 hour days removing malware or rebuilding PCs can be the direct result of people not following the rules.

Content filtering is there since in many cases the law and/or parents demand it (in the case of public libraries or schools), the risk of virus/malware infection is very high, and some web applications such as games, torrents, or streaming music/video can consume all available bandwidth.

Similarly, if the network is being used for work or educational purposes, and you are playing Minecraft or downloading stolen content, often gaming or torrent traffic may consume all available network bandwidth.

When we drive an automobile, there sometimes is the need to drive on the sidewalk at 100 mph, but typically that sort of thing is reserved for an ambulance rushing to save a life, not a teenager late for a date.