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C Drive empty, but not empty... what to do?

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THey too had gotten one of these scareware brands of drive-by viruses where it warns your PC is infected with all kinds of stuff.

They took it to another shop here in town who after claiming that everything on the drive was wiped out and expressing their desire to format and begin again, were met with reticence from the client.

She brought it to me and what I found was that the entire "C:\Program Files" folder among many others had all been made "Hidden" files and folders. It was a fairly arduent process correcting all of that, but I managed to do so and return it to her with everything intact and again usable.

As for the problem you have with not being able to open .exe files, this can usually be corrected by simply creating a new user in control panel and then moving your files from the old user profile to your new one. Note: Only move your user data files or folders. Particularly do NOT move the entire profile as that may simply replicate your existing problem. Note Also: their are several .reg fixes for this on the Internet but I have found that often times they do not work either. Try this and report back with your results and we can go from there.

Good luck!

Not that I believe you are going to need it in this case.