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Calculation within a cell.

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Darryl~ Moderator

That just doesn't make sense, if they are entering in the "original" amount it would have to be seen because they have to enter it in a cell.
So what you're saying is that you would like the "client" to enter 200 in cell A1 and as soon as they hit enter the value in A1 would become 240?
That woun't work for a couple reasons, as stated above, if a formula was in cell A1 it would be over wrote by the client typing a value in it & even if you were able to do it, it would be stuck in a never ending loop of adding 20% to the value (200 + 20%.....240 + 20%...288 + 20%...etc).
You could have the client enter values on one sheet and show the calculations on a different sheet......or you could even use 2 different workbooks if desired.