can browes but can not email, static ip

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can browes but can not email, static ip

our network is connected to the internet, but we cannot send or recve email
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OH Smeg

What type of network is this?

What is used as a Mail Client?

What OS is on the Workstations?

If you have a Server is it set as the Mail Host?

If this is a Windows Server is it set to allow incoming and outgoing E-Mail?

Or is there a Group Policy in Place preventing this?

Is there anything activated preventing you accessing certain Web Sites?

I suppose the easy answer here is to ask the IT Administrator why you can not Send/Receive E-Mail.


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Take a look at the configuration of e.g. Firefox.
In the properties go to advanced and then network.
Then click at the settings and check, whether firefox is actually configured to use a proxy.
If so, switch to no proxy.

For IE, you have to do the same modification, but in the internet settings of IE.

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