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Can I have a bit of help with a RAM upgrade I did?

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Thanks for jumping in to try to help me!
It just takes hitting Enter during boot up to be offered BIOS stuff. Then I have some choices. I went to the Setup choice and 1 other. I saw it say CPU speed 1500/600 MHz, System memory 512 Mb, L2 Cache 2048 Kb, BIOS v A12
I don't know if this tells you what you wanted. I do know that I was told that adding more RAM isn't auto detected and I had to do something last time to have it see and use it. I remember that being pretty easy to do.
The screen that told me to hit Enter also had Windows XP / Motion Computing / Intel Inside centrino mobile terminal on it.
I looked around to see if I could figure out what you wanted me to find and I couldn't.
I'm ready to unscrew the little RAM cover on back and see if the RAM is loose. Should I?