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Can I have a bit of help with a RAM upgrade I did?

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Thanks Zenith. Yes, I have the smaller RAM that I had replaced. Maybe I should try that? I could slide it back in.
Sorry if I've been very slow on my responses. I've been overwhelmed with stuff and just getting by as best as I can with an impossibly slow tablet and my 2 teen kids wanting to use "their" Dell desktop that sits next to it. They are both Win XP and are as both kept as current as possible. Both have Security Essentials and Share a scanner and a color laser and the internet thru a router and/or a switch thing. And the tablet is the only one of the 2 that will access homeworks docs for them thru their Orange USD/Aries net student portal thing and both are honors students. That's another issue I'm gonna need to ask some help on over on this site since I haven't been able to resolve that myself either ..... GRRRRR