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can i install wireless card( for internet) on ibm server system x3100 M4

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First of all, your server has PCI slots, so in theory some sort of card could plug into it.

However, we have no idea what OS you are running; if it's Solaris, AIX, VMware, Windows 2008, Linux, etc, the specific hardware adapter may or may not have drivers for that OS, and in general, WLAN support (if that's what you mean by wireless) is not part of most server operating systems at all.

Thus finding drivers for AIX for a Netgear PCI WLAN adapter may be a futile effort; ditto for Solaris, and probably VMware and Windows 2008.

Is it secure?

That's a vague question, like asking 'is flying safe?' With the proper security controls in place based on the attack surface and threat level and the proper controls over your OS, data, and applications, yes.