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Can I upgrade my Netbook to a larger & faster HDD??

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Thank for the input... I think my Netbook does have a small fan... I mean it has the cooling slots on one side that I regularly clean with compressed air. Also I have 2 cooling stations/bases with 2 fans each for extra cooling.. which have 2,000 RPM fans... I know it's a little excessive but I just wanted to make sure my Netbook stays cool... FYI... The new HDD I bought turns out is 500GB 7200.4 RPM Seagate Momentus SATA... which I have read up on and it seems to have excellent reviews... I rarely ever take my Netbook out of the house unless its work related and absolutely necessary... I constantly clean it wil compressed air and cleaning wipes... I mean it still even has the protective films that came with it right out of the box... I take very good care of my netbook... Now to the issue at hand... I do believe that I CAN upgrade to the 500GB 7200 RPM SATA HDD... I plan on a clean install and use the external USB case to transfer my files... I also have an external Hitachi SlimDrive 250GB HDD for backup purposes. So I should be ok I think... I'm just a bit nervous about removing the keybord to replace the HDD... I have been a PC Tech for 6 yrs... but only recently have started working with Laptops and Netbooks... I've never removed the keyboard from a Netbook and I would hate to ruin it or bend it out of form...Thanks again for the input... any further commects I will appreciate it... concerning this reply...or any comments for that matter...