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can not connect to the internet with my realtek 11n usb wireless adapter

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OH Smeg

The most obvious however is when you setup the USB WiFi Device did you enter any Security that the Router Employs? Things like a Passphrase would be the first thing to look at.

The Device is connecting to the Router but that doesn't mean that it will get past the router if it's not set to the Security permissions in the Router, after all that is why you are using a router to begin with to prevent any Wireless Connection from logging into your WiFi and downloading things that you do not approve.

Now assuming that the NB can connect to the Net did you originally setup only 1 System being able to log in with a WiFi Address? This is quite possible, and in the Setup of the Router itself and is best checked with a Wired Connection.

Another possibility is when you installed the Software for the USB Device did it install any Networking Software? A lot of these things want to install their own Networking Software which isn't required and you are told in the Printed Instructions not to install it, but none the less when you run the setup you are prompted to install the Networking Software.