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can not connect to the internet with my realtek 11n usb wireless adapter

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OH Smeg

For a very long time that have not come with some form of Security. You really need security on any WiFi Device to stop a neighbor logging onto your Internet Connection and downloading Kiddy Porn and leaving you stuck on the Sexual Offenders Register, or like a old couple here a few years ago getting Raided by the Police because someone used their Unsecured WiFi Internet Connection and connected with young Asian Female Exchange Students meet them and Rapped them.

The Router should have some form of Default Security as they can cover a area up to 500 Meters about a quarter of a mile in radius, and having one open is just begging for abuse.

If the Router was supplied by an ISP contact them and get the Security involved and if you got it personally you'll need to contact it's maker for it's Default Security which should be changed anyway.