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can not connect to the internet with my realtek 11n usb wireless adapter

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just got the laptop and router over the weekend and am moving in a few days, i have put a password on it as of this morning, the router is not the problem, the usb wireless adapter is, i uninstalled it last night and reinstalled it just to make sure it did not try to put its own networking software on it and it did not. my network places shows i am connected to the router and so does the realtek 11n adapter but still cant get it to let me bring up google or any other webpage. the network places does however not bring up any wifi when i try to bring up wifi's in the area with it, but the realtek does. just dont understand why i can connect to the wifi and not get onto the internet, i even borrowed a friends cell phone the he uses as his wifi interntet connection, it connected to it with him next to me with his my laptop, he could get on the inter net with the cell phone and my laptop but i could not bring any pages up even though it said i was connected to his cell phone's wifi tether. lol and now i have a headache.