Can one bypass WSUS GPO ??

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Can one bypass WSUS GPO ??

Hello all!

Recently, a colleague came back to have his laptop "reinstalled fresh". Amongst other things, software was Auto-deployed via our GPO's and in that case, also WSUS updates have been enforced.

The Laptop is away from our network and needs to access windows updates but is restricted by the wuau GPO's.

This colleague left the office for a long time, and now needs some critical updates.

Since the windows updates section in his XP is grayed out, is there a way I can help my colleague update ?

There is no way that we will open our network for WSUS updates over internet to let the laptop connect.

I attempted changing the WSUS server from registry, but not sure if this will work.

How can I get updates installed on this "offline" laptop?

I would like to avoid changing the Domain on this laptop, since this would remove the auto-deployed software (such as MS Office)..

Any Ideas?