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Can wireless (in my home) be broken in to.

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OH Smeg

1.Can someone break in to your wireless network

Yes depending on the locality and building material of the house anyone within a 500 metres radius could break into the WiFi in your house.

2. can they take your files

Yes they can but more importantly they can download material that you are held responsible for. Things like Kiddy Porn or Terrorist Material can be downloaded through your WiFi Connection and the authorities will consider the owner of that ISP Connection responsible for the download.

3. can they control your computer

Depends on what OS you are using and how secure it is. But if you are talking any Windows System then the answer is most defiantly yes.

4 how long would it take then to hack the secure code.

If you mean WPA2 under 10 seconds if the person involved knew what it is that they are doing. If they do not know it will take longer. If you do not run WPA2 it can take considerably less time and if you have not changed the Password on the WiFi Access Point anyone could enter it's URL and be in within a few seconds.