Cannot Access Certain Websites

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Cannot Access Certain Websites

I just reinstalled Windows 7 on my PC. It was working fine, and I downloaded all the updates and installed all the plugins (Java, etc.). But then I noticed that I couldn't access certain websites. I can go to most websites, but these four:


are completely inaccessible. I don't get a ping response either. Any ideas?


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    It sounds like a resolution issue to me. For starters, check to make sure your hosts file is clean ('notepad C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts'. It should only contains entries for localhost).

    Once you've ruled that out, check your DNS settings. If you're using a DNS server provided automatically to you by your ISP/router, try manually using (Google public DNS server) or (root DNS server).

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    First you should check to make sure that none of the websites are blocked. Next if that is not the problem, you should check your browser and see if there are any restrictions in your settings. If that's not the problem try another browser such as Firefox, or Crome.