Cannot add a local user from the domain

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Cannot add a local user from the domain

I have an XP Pro workstation connecting to a 2003 server thru active directory. The computer joins the domain and is able to browse mapped drives. However, when I try to add a domain user as a local user, I get the error:

?The program cannot open the required dialog box because no locations can be found. Close this message, and try again.?

I?m going into ?Control Panel? -> ?User Accounts? - > Add -> (and instead of typing in the name and domain) ?Browse?? And that is where I get the error.

I changed the computer to a Workgroup, removed the computer from the domain, and rejoined the domain, but I have the same problem. What should I do to resolve this? What is my next step?

(Also: When I ?Manage? ?My Computer?, go into ?Local Users and Groups?, expand ?Groups? and try to add a user to the ?Administrators? group, the only location in the list is the local PC, I cannot get to the Domain.)