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Can't access HTTP, Can access HTTPS--What's wrong here?

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That is the first thing I thought of. The next thing I thought of was downloading Chrome, Opera and Firefox browsers and seeing if they work.
The third thing I thought of was finding a WinXPSP3 box with IE7 that does work, telephoning the client from that location and comparing her settings with those of a known working box.
DOS prompt and ipconfig might tell you something. If it comes up with strange numbers you might still have a virusy thing going.
I'm actually surprised the OP hasn't tried using a different browser (not even a new copy of IE7 or even an old copy of IE*6*.) If nothing else, that would eliminate the *browser* as the source of the issue.
It might be worthwhile running through services.msc and msconfig to see if something in there looks odd. Taskmanager might also help.
I'd assume a professional has already done most or all of the above, but I'm mentioning them just in case the OP has forgotten something dead simple and is searching for zebras not horses.
Add/Remove Programs is also a fun place to go. If the client has the patience to play with this she can slowly remove stuff - starting with anything new or odd-looking - while testing IE to see if anything fixes the issue. Personally, as I said above, I'd start with the browser. Removing IE7 and doing a clean-ish install might work.
Sorry if I sound patronising. That was not my intention. Sometimes we pro's get so hung up looking for zebras and unicorns that we forget the herds of horses that cause most problems.
Hope some of this helps,